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SOLAR Panels

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Simple Technology!

Our sophisticated Lidar technology calculates shadows and other environmental factors for the specific global coordinates and surrounding environment of your home.

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LED Indoor

CLUO’s LED T-10 plug-n-play replacement bulb is the best-in-class product currently available in the market!

Little to No Labor!

Works immediately with existing dimmers & installation, as simple as replacing a light bulb at home or business. Little to no labor cost!

Your Options

Choose from 60% KWh savings, 95% less heat, no aluminum, no mercury, chip-on-board, pivots easily, works with existing dimmers and is 100% recyclable.

Lease & Financing!

Contact us at 1 ( 844 ) 300-CLUO (2586) for a demo against other comparable solutions. Lease and financing Available!


LED Outdoor

With over 80 product offerings leveraged into one powerful platform, we offer the ideal solution for virtually any municipal, industrial or commercial LED lighting application!

LED Lighting Technology from the Industry Leader!

Cluo’s RAYdiant system is a revolution in LED lighting technology. The RAYdiant system delivers unprecedented illumination, performance and affordability across a spectrum of lighting applications with an array of features and benefits not found anywhere else in the industry.

Roadway, Street and Area Lighting

Whether you are replacing every cobra-head fixture in town or retrofitting your parking lot with LED lighting for significant energy and maintenance savings, Awe offer a range of fixture types and output levels that offer the industry’s greatest efficiency, reliability and breadth of features.

Parking Garage and Canopy Lighting

The Cluo CL2 series of lights are the ideal LED fixtures for replacing 100- to 175-watt high-pressure sodium or metal halide fixtures in any parking garage. Rated for 150,000 hours of life, it comes with embedded wireless control and monitoring system, super-charged surge protection and a diffuser.

High & Low Bay Lighting

Warehouse and manufacturing plants can save millions and months of maintenance by switching to Cluo HB/LB Series lights. Designed for high output at a reasonable cost, it features a single housing design that can be specified to produce 10,750 to 32,500 lumens to replace 250- to 1,000-watt HID fixtures.

T8K Strip Lights

The Cluo Strip Lights (4′ and 8′ options) were specifically designed to meet or exceed your lighting application needs for Low Bay applications and areas where you are presently using fluorescent lighting. The Strip Lights are available with the industry’s first built-in, two-way monitoring and control system.

Wall Pack & Flood Lighting

Switching to LED is a no-brainer. Cluo wall packs and floodlights are typically 90 percent more efficient than the traditional. Rated for 150,000 hours of operation and designed to look just like the traditional, they consume just 30 watts and replace traditional double incandescent PAR fixtures or traditional quartz fixtures.


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